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Context Property Adder pipeline component, which utilize XML configuration.

I came across Jon Flander's very useful ContextAdder pipeline component a while ago. I found it to be very useful. In short it's a pipeline component where

"you can place in any stage of either a Receive or Send pipeline, and you can configure it with a collection of Context properties (simple written properties or promoted properties). The component will just blindly put whatever values you configure it with into the context. This is just useful as a generic way to add properties into the Message Context when needed (and it is needed pretty often - at least I need it pretty often)."

Though I love the tool very much, I found a limitation with the tool where the number of context properties can be written/promoted has to be defined at development time ONLY. Having said that, I think it would be great if the number of context properties to be written/promoted can be configurable to any number of context properties at runtime.

In order to do that, base on Jon Flander's sample code, I created this Context Adder pipeline components, which utilize XML configuration.

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